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This character-driven film tells the untold tale of The Ragman – the storyteller, the vagabond, but most importantly the songwriter, willing to unearth an entire lyrical catalog of his documented past.
A collaboration of professional musicians and record producers ensues with one sole purpose: to bring to life the spirit known as The Ragman.

Director Biography

Cy Dodson has been in the storytelling business for over two decades. The Ragman- A Hobo’s Story Untold is Cy’s sophomore directorial release. In 2014 Cy completed My Last Breath which screened at several film festivals and also won an Upper Midwest Regional Emmy for Best Documentary. My Last Breath is also in rotation on Twin Cities Public Television through 2018.

In 2006, Cy created his company Triumph Pictures, LLC, incorporating his passion of storytelling with documentary style digital marketing and content branding. Cy keeps busy with his vast array of Minnesota-based and national clients including McDonald’s, US Army, NATO, and Andersen Windows and Doors. He’s also traveled the globe producing television shows for such networks as History, Discovery Channel, and the Travel Channel.

Director Statement

Directing The Ragman – A Hobo’s Story Untold, I was able to combine two of my passions, music and film into one project. We have a recently release full-length LP featuring music from the film which we are performing in conjunction with our film release. I am part of the musical performance of The Ragman Project, bringing music from film to life for our audiences in a live setting.

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