2016 Music Lineup

The 2016 music lineup is complete but if you wish to perform at the 2017 festival please contact squarelakefestival@gmail.com to submit a performer proposal.

Previous Performers

Anonymous Choir

The Next Generation drum line

Gao Hong

Frankie Lee

The Eclectic Ensemble

Shiro Dame



Dark Dark Dark

Heavy Deeds


Retribution Gospel Choir

Night Moves (2011, 2013)

Spider John Koerner

Father See You Queen


Food Pyramid

The Pines (2006, 2013)

*International Novelty Gamelan

Happy Apple (2007, 2011)

The Orange Mighty Trio*

Kill The Vultures

Ben Weaver

Molly Dean


The Bad Plus

Zebulon Pike

Charlie Parr (2006, 2009, 2014)

Aby Wolf

Roma di Luna

The Orange Mighty Trio

International Novelty Gamelan*

Fort Wilson Riot*

To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie

The Owls

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

Black Blondie


Fog Fat Kid Wednesdays*

Roma di Luna

Mystery Palace

Story of the Sea

Keston & Westdal


The Deaths

Happy Apple

The Pines

Spaghetti Western String Company*

Sterling Waters


Wild Indigo Reed Trio

The Field

The Dad In Common

Death to our Enemies

Mike the 2600 King


Kid Dakota
Besa Libre


The Autumn Leaves

Hindu Stani Classical Indian Music

The Vets

* Film Score

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